Brian Cheverie's music page 

Hi, My name is Brian Cheverie.   I am a composer, actor,  musician, and movie maker.   On this page is a sampling of some of my  music.  Most is of my musical output is in the 21st Century Classical Style.   My influences are the Great Masters  Bach, Beethoven and Mozart as well as Stravinsky and Shostakovitch,  jazz and the 70's rock I grew up with.      I am an avid lover of the theater  and am working on a musical simply called "Jack"  about.

you guessed it,the ripper.   It's to be a thriller as the choice of protagonist might suggest   I've also have plans for an opera based on the 1956 film version of Moby Dick that I'll begin as soon as I get the rights. 
I just finished the first draft of a Latin Requem and I am returning to work on a piano concerto.  I aways wanted to write a Romantic piano concerto on the order of the Greig or Tchaikovsky.  I have two movements written and the third started.  It's quite good if I do say so. 
 Quicktime  is needed for this site's music.   Full sheet music scores and parts are available for purchase for all of the  compositions on this page.  New works may also be commissioned by contacting me at
                  sperm whale  Create 3D Art for Freess 3D Graphic Software
conductor baton
Piano Concerto Number 1,  (The Romantic) First Movement  
Second Movement

THE BAROQUE SUITE          Trio in six short movements  for  Flute  Violin and Cello in the neo-Baroque style     

Origianal version for Flute, Violin and Cello
Wind version for Flute, Oboe and Bassoon

BUFFALO ROSE  A Rag time waltz for piano
  String Orchestra Version               

STRING QUARTET "The Happy Cyborg"  A late 20th Century string quartet

Salome - A short seduction for harp.


"Trotsky Tangos"
LATIN DANCE # 2                       A virtuoso  piece for piano
LATIN DANCE # 3                       

A character piece for piano

movement 1                                    
movement 2                                    
A  solo for the advancing student
SONATINA  FOR  SAM                                                                                                                                                         

A sonatina for solo violin and piano


Theme song for a horror film,

Irish Tunes
  Medleys of traditional Irish tunes in simple arrangements for String Quartet

Toccata 1 in A Minor

A short  Virtuoso Toccata for Keyboard

Composed 8/2/14

A Virtuoso Prelude and Fugue in C Major  Composed 7/30/14

Here's a midi rendition of the Kyrie from the Requiem I wrote for my Mother

Amazing Grace - A traditional hymn with variations orchestrated for chamber orchestra.

Suitable for high school and community orchestras.

Minstrel Boy- A traditional Irish ballade with variations orchestrated for chamber orchestra.
with an optional chorus at the end.
Suitable for high school and community orchestras.

Here's a link you might find useful.   It's to  a site devoted to ear training exercises.
 I use it myself  and can highly recommend it.  It's called
premire of baroque suite

The premier performance of "the Baroque Suite'  for flute (me) violin and Cello
on 04/04/09